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Boon Bubbles – Bath Toys

These are so simple but FUN for my 1 and 3 year old!  They have little suction cups that stick to the tub, walls, each other, and even my kids!  Also, they don’t have any holes so no need to worry about mold growing in them.

Boon Bubbles Suction Cup Bath Toys, Blue

Camden Rose – A Simple Fridge & A Simple Hutch – Cherry Wood Play Refrigerator & Play Kitchen with Hutch

Let me start by saying that I shopped online for the perfect play kitchen for my daughter for months!  I probably looked at hundreds of them.  I finally decided on this set (for Christmas) and am so incredibly pleased with it.  It’s absolutely stunning!  We could not believe our eyes when we opened the boxes. What beautiful craftsmanship and Cherry wood.  Also, very easy assembly consisting only of attaching the hutch, the handles, and faucet.  It took us 15 minutes at the most.  They came packaged VERY well without a ton of annoying packing materials to dispose of.  I also ordered a few accessory items from including the set of 6 knitted cookies/cookie sheet (adorable and fits in the oven perfectly) and the stainless steel cookware set.  I just can’t say enough about this set…….I was hesitant to spend quite that much but it’s worth every single penny!

Camden Rose A Simple Fridge (Childs Cherry Wood Play Refrigerator)

Camden Rose A Simple Hearth (Childs Cherry Wood Play Kitchen with Hutch)