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Holy Vitamix! Why Didn’t I Buy One Sooner?

I’d been listening to friends rave about how much they loved their Vitamix blenders for years.  I absolutely could not fathom spending hundreds of dollars for a fancy blender.  Well, I don’t have any idea what finally got into me, but I purchased one a few months ago.  Oh my gosh, my friends were spot on!  This blender is truly indescribable to others.  You just HAVE to experience it for yourself.  I’ve used it mostly for soups.  I just fill it with fresh, simple ingredients and press the preset button for SOUP.  In about 6 minutes flat, I’m serving my family of four the most nutritious, piping hot, delicious soup ever created!  I typically serve it with some tortilla chips or GF bread, and a dollop of sour cream or ricotta cheese.  The possibilities are endless with this little “one pot” kitchen appliance.  And, the best part — It practically cleans itself too!

Vitamix Blender Pro 750 – Brushed Stainless Steel