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As a NICU RN and also a Mom, I’m frequently asked about my experience with various kiddo-related products. As if that's not enough to write about, I was recently diagnosed with Celiac disease! So, I’ve decided to expand my list to include some posts on what I’ve learned so far about coping with my new gluten free life.

“Pizza of Doom”

I got the call on Valentine’s Day 2014 – “Your biopsy and blood work confirm that you have Celiac Sprue.”  It was a shocking revelation.  I’ve felt good and have been healthy my entire life until one night in October of last year.  I started having some persistent and severe GERD like symptoms that came on abruptly after eating a “wild and foraged mushroom pizza” from a local pizza place.  Weird, I know!  Well, it was delicious by the way, but I had been referring to it as the “Pizza of Doom”.  Anyhow, I spent months going to doctor’s appointments, researching like a crazy person, and attempting to self-diagnose.  Celiac disease wasn’t anything I thought of or came across. Obviously, it’s not the end of the world and I’m so very grateful to know now but, it’s a life-changing diagnosis and has been quite an adjustment for our family.  So stay tuned – – I’m looking forward to sharing tons of things (links, recipes, books, product recommendations, etc.) that I’ve found super helpful these past few weeks.  I’m also happy to say that I’m pretty much back to my old healthy self.  Darned gluten!

EasyLunchboxes – Bento Lunch Box Containers

I love using these 3-compartment bento box containers for my preschooler’s lunch.  Easy for me to pack and a breeze for her to open by herself.  They are NOT leak-proof however.  Dishwasher safe though!

EasyLunchboxes 3-compartment Bento Lunch Box Containers “CLASSIC” (Set of 4). BPA-Free. Easy-Open Lids (Not Leakproof)

Boon Bubbles – Bath Toys

These are so simple but FUN for my 1 and 3 year old!  They have little suction cups that stick to the tub, walls, each other, and even my kids!  Also, they don’t have any holes so no need to worry about mold growing in them.

Boon Bubbles Suction Cup Bath Toys, Blue

Melton – Fleece Lined Cotton Corduroy Booties

These are a bit hard to find in the US but they are hands down, one of my favorite things I’ve purchased for my little guy.  They keep his little feet warm, give him traction, and wash up really well.  Most importantly, they stay on his feet even if he tries to take them off thanks to the ingenious drawstring cord!  We LOVE them and I’ll be purchasing the next sizes up if I can find them!51vdE8tBS8L._SX450_

Cloud b – Tranquil Turtle

Oh my goodness!  This little sleep machine is cool!  It displays wavy “underwater” currents all over your walls.  It is SO relaxing and my 7 month old drifts off to sleep in minutes.  Also, the volume on the soothing music is adjustable and that’s a huge plus.  Worth every penny!

Tranquil Turtle Sleep Machine

Munchie Mug – Snack Cup

I love this little snack cup and it’s been used almost daily for over 2 years.  It’s durable, dishwasher safe, and looks as good as the day I bought it.  Great little spill proof cup that goes anywhere and helps keep those pretzels and Goldfish contained.

Munchie Mug – Top Rated Spill Resistant Snack Cup for Toddlers. Ages 1 to 4 years. Made in AMERICA. – BPA and phthalate free. FDA compliant materials. – Blue Top

Beatrix New York – Little Kids Backpack and Lunch Box

My daughter will start preschool in the fall and already LOVES the idea of carrying around a little backpack.  She fills them up with all of her special things and pretends to go to “school”.  However, I’ve been disappointed in the few we’ve had so far.  They were flimsy, the straps were silly for one reason or another, and the zippers……too hard to work with.  Ultimately, she would just get frustrated with them.  I mean, how hard can it be to make a sturdy, functional, and cute backpack for this age group (2-5)?!  Well my search is over!  I just scored this set from MYHABIT for CHEAP and we couldn’t be happier!  It’s an adorable and recently discontinued pattern called Svenja Girl Robot.


In fact, I’m so afraid they’ll discontinue the matching Alexander Robot pattern, that I just got these to set aside for my little guy who’s only 5 months old!

Beatrix New York Little Kid Alexander the Robot Backpack (Ages 2-5)

Beatrix New York Alexander the Robot Lunch Box

*Here’s what’s so awesome about the backpack:

It’s the perfect size and the zippers work great!  The straps are padded, adjustable, and rigid enough to hold their shape which makes it super easy for my daughter to put on and take off by herself.  It’s made from a durable nylon and easy-to-clean laminated canvas.

*Here’s what’s so terrific about the lunch box:

It’s insulated, has a zippered pocket, name tag, and is dishwasher safe!

**Oh, and they are PVC free, lead free, & phthalate free.  Yippee!**

Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail

This Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail is the most practical solution for diaper disposal that I’ve been able to find.  It’s large enough to hold two plus days worth of diapers for two kiddos and it’s practically odor-free.  I love that it uses tall kitchen trash bags so there’s no need to buy costly fancy bags/liners.  It also has a handy lock on top that keeps curious little ones out.  Oh, and it looks nice and is available in several different colors!



Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail in White